How to add files to your Kindle Fire

Kindle FireLove your Kindle Fire but you feel like it’s missing something? How about your personal files?  So, you might ask, how does one accomplish this? When you registered your Kindle on, you were given an e-mail address for your new device. You can only use this address to send files, photos and other documents to your device for later viewing and/or sharing.

Which files can I send?
Accepted file types include:
.doc, docx, .html, .rtf, .jpeg, .mobi, azw, .gif, .png, .bmp, .pdf and .zip

Email your files to your Kindle address
Under the ‘Docs’ tab on your Kindle Fire, there should be a message stating ‘Send documents to…’ Find the files you want to send and then e-mail them as attachments to that e-mail address. Once the files have been sent, they will placed in the ‘Docs’ section on your Kindle Fire automatically. Provided that you are connected to a Wi-Fi network, the files will appear, No mess, no fuss. If you are not connected to a Wi-Fi network or you don’t see the files, simply go the settings icon and tap ‘Sync’. Your files should now appear.

You have two options when e-mailing your files to your Kindle Fire
1. You can ZIP your files and e-mail the content folder to your device
2. You can also attach multiple files and also send them to your device

Option 1: If you send a ZIP folder to your device, it will be unpacked in transit and then the files be downloaded onto your device. Just remember to send the ZIPped content to your kindle e-mail address.
Option 2: If you want to send multiple files, just attach them using your email client. Just remember that there may be a size limit for the number of files on outgoing emails.

Transferring content to your Kindle Fire
Now for those who favor a more hands-on approach and dont mind getting your hands dirty, then break out the USB connector and dive in. By purchasing a micro-USB connector, you can transfer files directly from your computer to your Kindle Fire.
1. Connect your device to your computer with the micro-USB cable
2. Slide the arrow from right to left to unlock your device.
3. Open the Kindle Fire drive on your computer. Your fire drive will appear as an external drive similar to a connected digital camera.
4. Drag and drop your files into the chosen folder, such as Music or Pictures
5. Once you have transferred all files, press the ‘Disconnect’ button at the bottom of the Kindle Fire screen, eject it from the computer and then unplug the USB cable.

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Why do you need a website?

Ask yourself this, have you ever received strange and/or exaggerated looks from someone because when you handed your business card to them, there was no web address on it? Oh, you didn’t realize what that look was for? Unfortunately, we live in a society where this is what is predictable of people who view business professionals as being serious about their business. You wouldn’t go to a networking social without a business card right?  A website is the business card of the socialized virtual world. Its what is expected.

Did you know that the Infamous Yellow Pages decreased their circulation of their popular directories to only a few states because web users are now searching in online directories that include websites? The number of web users has exponentially doubled on a global scale and continues to grow every day. Just in the United States alone, 240,000,000 users are online, browsing, looking to spend money and maybe looking for your business. The web is a leveled playing field that changes the rules of the game tremendously, but you cant play in this game if you do not have the right equipment, which, ladies and gentlemen, would be, …you guessed it…..a website.
Let’s get to my favorite part. The three most popular reasons why not having a website makes you look unprofessional.

You run a business and have email that reads instead of an address indicating your business name like If you think people aren’t noticing things like this, you’re wrong. You have to develop your business credibility and also indicate you are stable and not a fly-by-night designer who will run off with the client’s money. Now, don’t get me wrong, Im not stating that all business owners who have websites are completely straightforward and law-abiding citizens, quite the contrary, but they do have a website, right? There’s a simple truth in life that if someone looks credible then we are more-inclined to want to give them our business. Why? It’s all about presentation, my friend.

I hate to say the next one, but as you know we have to address the proverbial ‘elephant in the room’, which is -your competitor has one.  And even if they just had a single-page site and a Google search brought them their next customer, would that customer have been yours if they found your site instead?

This is the killer and what does it scream? Unprofessional. Perhaps you have thought about getting a website but you didn’t spend the money to make it look like you cared. Perhaps it is with a free hosting service where just purchasing a cheap domain can catapult your online business presence, or so you think. Here is what your business URL looks like and it aint pretty –  Remember these? The reasons why this is a bad idea is beyond the scope of this document, however, I will expound on one aspect of it and be brief. Free ads are all over your site and multiplying as we speak and guess where most of those ads are pointing to? Other sites, probably your competitors and taking your possible customers on a free ride on the information superhighway at your expense.

The moral of this disturbing story, don’t be a casualty of the digital age. By providing your customers with options to find you and your business, your website declares your place on the digital playing field with plenty of time still left on the clock.

Why Single-page websites sell

If you have ever considered getting a single-page website built for you or your business, you are not alone. Single-page sites have become hot and popular over the years when a fully-designed website consisting of 5 or more pages was not an option. At times, there just isn’t enough content for the project to be engaging for the web user or for the site’s  prime objective to be satisfied. Single-page sites can also be designed and created in half the time it would take for a multi-page site to be published. At times, single-page websites are more successful with engaging the reader because they push through the fluff that many larger sites promote. The reader can immediately identify the purpose of the site and decide where to go from there.

How can you tell if a single-page website is appropriate for your next project? Try your hand at answering these questions and see how you do.

Do I have a lot of content?
If you have enough content for five or more pages, then a single-page site would not be ideal. Creating a multi-page structure would probably satisfy your web content needs much better.

Am I trying to sell a specific product?
If your main goal is to sell a product such as a book, solitary service or anything of that nature than a single-page site could be your ideal solution.

Is all of my content related?
This may sound like an obvious faux-pas but many times, web content publishers will shoot for the “Chinese Menu” effect when building single-page sites to make it all fit and all this does is create confusion for your site’s visitors.

Why am I having this built, again?
Single-page websites are great for posting an event, such as a wedding, a graduation or baby shower. There isn’t a lot of noise on the page to create a distraction. Single-pages are short, concise and succinct. Contact forms and important information can be included instead of making the web user leave the page to contact you. Beautifully designed single-page sites can actually capture the essence of your message with greater distinction, therefore allowing your page to be more creative and polished than with a multi-page structure.

What if I don’t have content for a site but Im working on it?
Single-page sites are perfect for the “Website under Construction” or “Site Coming Soon” signs that we frequently see on the web under purchased domains while authors work feverishly work in the background to compile the final pages to be published. It allows the expectations of the web visitors to be properly managed while keeping them coming back to check for updates.

Is a single-page site right for me?
Carefully consider your options and expectations before committing to this idea. Single-page sites have many advantages over multi-page structures but this all depends on what your needs are.  In Web Design, sometimes a minimalist approach speaks volumes to your site’s visitors.

Web Design Abuse

How to know when to drop a bad client

We have all heard the horror stories about bad clients and how they make our lives very interesting to say the least and down-right hectic. Does this sound familiar?
You know the type:

  • Never satisfied
  • Always wants a cheaper price
  • Wants to monopolize your time
  • Wants to degrade your work
  • Thinks they should have access to you 24/7
  • Wants to be the Drama King/Queen

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