Web Design Abuse

How to know when to drop a bad client

We have all heard the horror stories about bad clients and how they make our lives very interesting to say the least and down-right hectic. Does this sound familiar?
You know the type:

  • Never satisfied
  • Always wants a cheaper price
  • Wants to monopolize your time
  • Wants to degrade your work
  • Thinks they should have access to you 24/7
  • Wants to be the Drama King/Queen

So one may wonder, when it’s time to move on and are we always ready? Fear will blind-side us and stop us dead in our tracks.We must never feel that we cant do better tha n this madness that we are allowing to engulf us. As reality sinks in, this is when you begin to feel under-appreciated and devalued. Once you accept your reality an epiphany soon follows. What we have here my friend, is called abuse.These are the classic indicators of why we turn our current boyfriends/girlfriends into the EX and give them their walking papers. When clients begin to make us feel like we are in a bad, abusive relationship, it’s time to close up shop and move on to greener pastures. We must apply the same concept to our business relationships and decide when to cancel that contract. Is the money really worth the headache that will soon follow that deposit? In the long-run, those bad clients will become a distant memory and saying good-bye sooner rather than later will keep you light-hearted for the good client who is all too appreciative to have you work for them.


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